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Prepare For The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic

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  • Classroom based training
  • One to One attention
  • Unlimited lab access
  • Unlimited Practice tests
  • Course materials
  • Special Mock test
  • Best way to prepare for the exam

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Our Success Story

Some of our recent successful students.


PTEClass honestly guide me through to my preparation and provide me feedback which really help me to improve my score. Their patience, lab facilities, unlimited access to the lab helps me a lot. I really recommend PTEClass for your PTE training.


PTEClass has really great facilities, study environment and flexible study method which helps me to get my score. If you need really one to one attention then this is the right place for you.


The trainer was great and inspiring me to practice in a right way and thats really help me to achieve my score. I highly recommend PTE Class for PTE training preparation. If you guys want to get the score, this is the right place.


After getting the proper guidance and training from PTEClass I was able to achieve my score. I would highly recommend PTEClass to everyone as to get one to one attentions and achieve the desire score.


Why Choose PTEClass ?

PTE Class + Practice = High Score!

Getting a passing mark in the Pearson Test of English is a challenge. Fortunately, PTEClass is committed to providing a high level of training to non-native English speakers who wish to succeed in this important test. Through our expert training, online course materials, unlimited mock tests, one-on-one supervision and instant feedback, our students consistently achieve high results in the PTE. Enrol with PTEClass today and grow your confidence in the English language.

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Based on the individual suites, we have classified our PTE Classes into the three different packages.

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PTEClass training center provide PTE training and also help to build the individual confidence

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